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How to Stay Fit by Going to the Gym just twice a Week


As much as we all admire those committed fitness fans who seem to manage a full workout every day, many of us simply don’t have the time to devote so many hours to the gym! If you’re juggling work, family and social commitments, it’s easy to leave fitness on the back burner, guiltily averting your eyes from your gym-addicted colleagues as they discuss cardio routines over the water cooler. However, as more research is done into the science behind staying in shape, it would seem those smug gym bunnies might not be all they seem!
In fact, when combined with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, keeping your workout routine to a very manageable one or two sessions a week might be all you need to achieve the toned physique of which you’ve always dreamed.
Despite the high number of people who like to think their easy weight gain is due to having a genetically low metabolism, this is actually a fairly rare problem. However, whilst your metabolism is probably fairly normal, increasing it is not only easy, but it can also be one of the most important factors in keeping the weight off and staying in shape. Read on for three simple yet effective tips to help you kick-start your metabolism.

Keep it Hard – Keep it Quick

According to recent research from Colorado State University, the trick to a high metabolic rate isn’t frequent, low intensity workouts as we used to think. Instead, doing a short but intensive exercise routine just a couple of times a week can have a much more dramatic impact on your metabolism, preventing it from settling back down by varying your activity levels. What many may find surprising is that most of the fat burned from exercise does not occur during exercise but while you sleep! A short, hard routine, keeping your heart rate at 80% of its maximum rate for around 40 minutes, can raise your metabolism for up to 19 hours, with much of the fat-burning effect occurring during rest. Because of this, it’s important to ensure you get a full night’s sleep after exercising. Not only does this give your metabolism time to work, but being well rested makes you less likely to snack on high-energy, high calorific foods the following day.

Eat Healthily

We all know that exercise is nowhere near as effective if you combat its positive effects by eating lots of fatty foods! Complementing your exercise regime by eating healthy, balanced meals may seem obvious, but there are also several foods that have been proven to specifically increase your metabolism, thereby helping you to keep fit.

For example, whilst eating any kind of protein-rich food is good for keeping you satisfied and energised, making you less likely to snack on sugary foods outside of meal times, eggs are particularly good for boosting your metabolism. Similarly, whilst herbal teas are generally accepted to be healthy substitutes for caffeinated tea and coffee, green tea is specifically good for increasing metabolic rate. Ensuring you consume enough vitamin C, vitamin D and omega 3 can also aid healthy weight loss.

That said, we can’t all be saints! If you do indulge in fatty or sugary foods now and again, try not to feel self-critical. Instead, when you decide to eat something particularly calorific, acknowledge that you are making a conscious decision to treat yourself, enjoy your food and then put in a little extra effort at the gym next time!

Exercise Tips for a Healthier You

This is a question I get asked frequently. Do I really need to exercise to lose weight?
My answer is simple, of course you don’t need to, but in the near future you will like to. Exercising makes weight management easier because it increases both energy needs and lean body mass.

I am completely aware that not everyone likes to exercise. Especially if you are coming from a couch potato family, where you have not been thought that exercising is as important to your health as healthy eating or breathing. Going for a run or practice stretching exercises is quite similar to brushing your teeth or taking shower when a habit is created. A habit is something you do without thinking, arguing, you just do it, because is in your daily routine.

Tips to start with exercising routine

Think about exercise that is fun and that makes your heart vibrate. Exercising isn’t just about running and weights lifting. There are many ways to get your exercise in without going to the gym. If you are short with ideas, let me list few exercises that are fun for me: Walking my dog, hiking, biking, swimming, shooting hoops at local school court, badminton, playing frisbee, stretching in front my TV, yoga, playing Wii- Fit sports games with my friends, dancing, …

Put one foot in front of another. If until yesterday you haven’t done neither one mile walk, today you can’t start with half an hour run or a challenging hike. When you have lost for some reason your exercise regimen in the first place your body have to get used to the practice again. For this reason it is really important to add intensity gradually.

Start creating a habit. The key to benefit from exercising in terms of weight loss or better in gaining health is creating a habit, where you feel comfortable enough to stick to it. There’s nothing wrong with time to time exercise but for those of us who didn’t grow up with physical activity as a part of our lives, it takes a lot of energy to make exercise a priority in our day, especially at the beginning. Habituated actions are far less energy consuming.

Benefit the privileges of external triggers. During the time before the action becomes a habit, the very first month, you will need to use external triggers or reminders to support your habit creation: the same work out time, friend or family reminders, alarm.

Add to your regular exercise an action that inspires you. If your exercise is an evening walk, spice up your exercise routine with visiting shop windows or a joyful conversation with your spouse or friend. Remember not to mess the purpose of your walk.

I completely understand that motivation and desire for exercising is not something natural for everyone, but when you start to look at working out from a different perspective you discover that this can be the the enjoyable and funniest time of your day.

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Your mind is the biggest obstacle you need to overcome to start working towards loosing weight naturally and to start living an empowered life. Remember, YOU CAN do anything you set your mind to!!

Jessica Hall
Jessica Hall

Writer, nutritionist, vegan.


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