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How to Drop Weight Fast Without the Torture of Fad Diets!


If you’re like most people struggling to lose weight, you’re probably seriously interested in learning how to drop weight fast without the torture of starvation diets.

Well, you’re in luck because you should know that there are a few key ways to jump start weight loss and get rid of the water weight in your body that can help you to get off to a great start.

Dropping those initial pounds quickly up front will help to keep you motivated to continue on your weight loss journey, without you being one of the statistics who end up quitting.

So here are some great tips if you are wondering how to reduce weight quickly…

How to Drop Weight Fast: The Beginning

Weight Loss Cleanse

As you probably already know, many of the top diets jump start weight loss with a “cleanse” period, where you end up consuming high quantities of fiber and liquids, such as prunes, celery, grapefruits and so on.

This can help to detoxify the body and get all of the excess “junk” from out of your intestinal tract. Believe me, you will feel so healthy and invigorated when you start eating these “cleansing” foods and get your system running at peak performance!

Low Carb Induction

Other diets even start off by inducing what’s known as a “ketogenic” state in order to burn a lot of fat in the first few weeks of the diet. This is done by restricting the amount of carbohydrates that you consume throughout the day, usually keeping them under 50g per day.

Powerful Weight Loss Supplements

And yet there is another approach to kick-starting your diet through the use of powerful weight loss supplements. In this instance, you can speed up your weight loss by using natural herbal weight loss supplements such as Phen375.

Phen375 has been referred to as the most powerful legal diet pill on the market my many happy customers from all over the world.

PhenQ not only can help you to increase your metabolism, it also can help you to curb your hunger pangs and control your cravings.

Fast is Great for Starters…

But what you should keep in mind is that long term weight loss is the goal you should be aiming for. This is especially true if you are one of the more than 50% of North Americans who are considered overweight or obese.

So the sooner you discover how to drop weight fast, the sooner you will be able to avoid serious medical issues related to the metabolic syndrome, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, a bad thyroid, high blood pressure, stress and even depression.

How to Drop Weight Fast is not the Big Picture

The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that “fast” is a very relative term when it comes to weight loss. The most effective weight loss is one that takes place over the period of a few months or even years, especially in the case of someone who is extremely overweight or obese.

It’s not uncommon when beginning a new diet to lose anywhere between 10-15lbs or more in the first few weeks, but keep in mind that in most cases this will plateau out to a steady rate of 1-3lbs per week if you stick to the plan.

Ultimately, your main goal should be to hit your target.

Create a Long Term Plan

Therefore, the most effective way for how to drop weight fast is more of creating a long term plan than anything else. This is why it’s crucially important that you find a diet that you can actually stick with.

It’s no good imposing a strict regimen of food that you absolutely loathe on yourself, because you will not be able to maintain this in the long term and you will fail in your dietary goals. It takes incredible willpower and not everyone is gifted with this.

Don’t Make this Mistake!

This might go against the grain of most of the popular diet plans but do not limit or cut out foods that you love, but are unhealthy. This will only cause you to regress and cheat more often than necessary.

Enjoy your holidays with your family and keep these events as a treat, so that you do not get depressed with your diet. If you love soda, for example, consider switching to diet soda or just having it once or twice a month instead.

Many people cannot abide water, so you can sweeten it with sucralose and other artificial sweetener based products and drink that instead of sodas.

The Key is a Lifestyle Change

The ultimate key is to pick a diet that becomes a lifestyle for you. Consult with your doctor and share your family history and cultural background — discuss the foods that you love and would find hard to give up and figure out a reasonable plan that works for long term weight loss.

Therefore, trying to figure out how to drop weight fast is less an issue of a drastic change in your lifestyle, but more a steady process that involves healthy diet choices and regular exercise.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laxatives for Weight Loss

Generally, laxatives are a kind of medication used by people who suffer from constipation and/or desire to induce bowel movement. But in recent times, it is also being used as one of the numerous ways to lose weight. They vary in forms, from drugs which can be administered orally to food and also in form of tea. Just like everything else, using these as a way to lose weight can be both effective and disadvantageous but it all depends on individual usage. You should know that using these products could lead to a decrease in your water weight but at the same time might not dispel any fat from the body. Although it is believed that by controlling bowel movement, they can help also help the body burn some excess fat.

Before we go into the benefits of using laxative for weight loss, it is necessary that we know how laxatives work in your system so that you lose weight.

As earlier stated, laxatives can be anything taken into the system in order to encourage bowel movement. They function by reducing the amount of undigested food items in the large and small intestine. Basically, theya e used to treat constipation. This means that intake would make food not to stay in the body for as long as should, and even though your system would absorb little calorie from the food substance, most of the food would be expelled undigested. While, this would help you have the appearance of a thin person, the weight mostly lost using laxative is water and not fat. You would also lose useful nutrients from the process. However there are benefits you can get from using laxatives to loose weight.

Here are a Few Advantages of Using Laxatives for Weight Loss

They are helpful in dispelling toxic materials from the intestines and are quite efficient and useful. They also soften the stool and make it easier to pass.

To safely shed extra fat, you are advised to consume foods that are high in fiber as they are said to be natural laxatives and help in speeding up the body’s metabolism.

Taking these twice a day combined with regular water intake is beneficial as the more you consume water, the less volume of food you are likely to consume. This will result in you burning some calories.

Using laxatives for weight loss as a means to losing weight also has its side effects. They include:

  • Laxatives have been known to leave the body dehydrated by decreasing the amount of water that the bowels absorb thereby increasing the water quantity in the waste excreted. Over time, you begin to lose vigor and energy, dehydrated and eventually become ill rapidly.
  • Regular and prolonged intake of these drugs would affect the absorption of fat in the body. This will result in diarrhea and weight loss. It could lead to rectal bleeding and stomach cramps.
  • Reports have shown that people who excessively use them suffer from serious constipation and abdominal pain. This is because the colon has lost its ability to extract moisture from food residue before it is excreted.
  • People have found out that taking these drugs in the long run has made them addictive. It is therefore advised that you consult a health professional and limit your use of these products.
  • Other related side effects are muscle cramps, difficulty in breathing, irregular heartbeat, urinary problems, skin rashes and itching.
  • Rectal bleeding is also one of the side effects of using this method to lose weight. This is happens when bowel movements become very frequent. It is also a symptom of diarrhea.
  • Weakness that comes from diarrhea and dehydration can cause fainting.
  • Worse side effect includes the destruction of gastrointestinal tract, and what is worse is that this condition may be permanent. This happens after your system is already used to the laxative intake and then you stop abruptly. The intestine would use the ability to get rid of food from the body.
  • Electrolyte imbalance is one of the worse side effects of taking laxative excessively. The constant use of laxative can cause the loss of some electrolyte elements like potassium, sodium and calcium. This cam lead to a disorder- electrolyte disorder.
  • With the use of these being accompanied by some very scary side effects, you can take steps towards having a sound body system to help you lose weight. You can also have a very healthy intestinal system once these effects are taken into consideration. One should endeavor to make additions to his/her diet by taking more greens. Also, the consumption of foods that are high in fiber should be incorporated. Drinking a hot cup of tea also helps in moving the bowels at least twice a day.

Foods known to be natural laxatives should be taken as often as possible in the form of vegetables and fruits. There have no side effects on the body as these foods are natural. Other healthier ways to encourage a good digestive system is by taking foods that contain a substance known as probiotics. This is another way of promoting good and healthy bacteria in the intestines. It will help the body in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients which is helpful to dieters as they need every amount of these nutrients.

The truth about laxatives for weight loss is that it does not help in losing weight. Dispelling food that has not been absorbed is not like shedding excess fat. With these, substances that are lost are just water and body wastes leaving you hydrated and stripped of the body’s minerals. Sticking to natural supplements to keep your bowels clean will get you the same weight loss results and help your intestines process food effectively. Incorporate healthy eating habits as well as exercise into your daily life so you can burn extra fat.

Ways to Lose Weight Fast Naturally

The case of obesity seems like plague that hits people all over the world that it is easy to find someone suffering from weight problems no matter where you go. This is a very alarming fact, indeed. Good thing, medical scientists keep on doing their research and some other works to learn how people can lose weight fast naturally. Opting for natural is the way to go because you will not be bombarding your body with unknown chemicals which can be deadly in the long run.
Now, here are some of your natural choices:
1. Be sure to go organic
Switch to using organic ingredients because they are not just clean; rather science revealed the fact that they are more packed with nutrients and minerals that your body needs compared to the usual choice.
2. Consume vegetables and fruits
It is now the time to love fruits and vegetables.
3. Watch what you are drinking
Get enough water each day to lose weight fast naturally. On the other hand, be sure to eliminate fizzy drinks, alcohol, and caffeine in your diet. If you want to drink coffee, go for green tea which is loaded with antioxidants.
4. Say NO to processed foods
Although processed foods may be so tempting to try, you have to understand that you don’t need them in your diet. Rather, go for those with good carbohydrates like brown rice, oats, and a lot more to guarantee that your blood sugar level is fine.
5. Go for fat
Fats seems like the number one enemy of people who wish to eradicate some weight away but the truth of the matter is that we need fats in order to uphold our vitality and to keep us healthy all the time. They are the one that will shield our body against illnesses and will support immune system function. So go for fats to lose weight fast naturally.

Olive Oil In Dieting

I heard the other day about using olive oil in your daily diet, eating a spoonful of olive oil every day. Apparently it’s supposed to keep your system lubricated and running smoothly.

It’s supposed to be a good part of a cleanse and maintaining a cleanse after the fact.

Who really knows with that. But this being said, it’s not a bad idea in total.

I mean think about it. Olives in themselves are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, all things that are good for the body in general and I could see that helping to maintain weight and otherwise.

But they also have good fats, which is essential to your weight loss efforts.

Without good fats, over time you actually cannot lose weight, it’s literally impossible.

It’s one of those things that would be hard to cut out all fats anyway.

But though I’m not so sure how I feel about taking a spoonful every day, it’s a good thing.

To me it would be like taking a spoonful of flaxseed oil for example every day. It just doesn’t taste good to me.

I might incorporate it into my cooking. But realistically speaking, that’s about all I could stand.

I just don’t take those things strait, especially from sources like olives I don’t like anyway.

The Caveman Diet

There is the bible diet of course, so why not the caveman diet. After all, in those times they were obviously skinnier than us, or maybe they just didn’t measure common rates of obesity as we do. But past history that we have recorded shows that people before us were never as obese as we are. That being said, the caveman diet is an original one to say the least. They focus on raw food.

Obviously many cavemen did not have fire, so there was a lot of uncooked foods. Obviously, don’t eat uncooked meat, that’s not exactly safe. But you get the idea. Second, apparently you should not eat dairy products, because there were no domesticated animals. Second, if you go for sweets, you should only be eating wild honey, not sugars, artificial flavorings, etc.

Finally, cavemen diets were apparently rich in good fatty acids because while they ate raw meat, which you shouldn’t do, most of what they ate came from nuts and other things rich in good fats to some degree. It’s a novel idea, and it’s written up in Dr Mark Hyman’s book Ultra Metabolism and Ultra Prevention. But I’m not sure it’s really practical all things considered.

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