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Top 5 Habits of Thin People


If you think that thin people are lucky and were just born that way, think again. Most thin people that you see actually make an effort to maintain a healthy weight through a series of daily habits that you too can adopt. Even if you’re struggled with your weight in the past, by changing your ways now you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

They eat everything in moderation and don’t deprive themselves

Thin people don’t deprive themselves of the foods that they enjoy (in fact, they enjoy eating just as much as anyone), but they do always practice moderation. That means that while you can have the occasional treat, it would just be a piece of chocolate, not the whole bar. So, thin people indulge in their favorite foods or treats, but within certain limits. This issue of moderation is one of the main differences between people that struggle with their weight and people that don’t. You should be able to enjoy a couple chips without eating the entire bag, or be able to have one glass of wine and stop.

They have food rules

Now, although naturally thin people do eat their favorite foods (even unhealthy ones) in moderation, they do have some food rules (i.e. things that they generally do not eat). For example, you may decide that you don’t eat fried foods, or you don’t drink soda, or you don’t eat processed baked goods. Thin people naturally create food rules for themselves based on foods that they deem to be dangerous to weight maintenance or health, and follow these rules the majority of the time. Having food rules helps you make better choices since you know that some unhealthy options should be off limits. That being said, thin people also don’t have too many food rules as they would constitute as deprivation, so just pick one or two and stick with it.

They eat slowly and avoid feeling stuffed

Eating until you’re stuffed is not a habit of thin people, so if this is someone you do, you’ll need to stop now if you want to change your ways. Thin people eat slowly, and stop when they feel satisfied (not full). In fact, the feeling of being very full makes naturally thin people feel uncomfortable, which is why they rarely allow themselves to reach that point. So, make sure you eat slowly (it takes your body about 20 minutes to register whether or not it is full or not), and also be sure to stop eating before you feel full. Thin people will more often than not eat too little rather than eat too much.

They always eat a healthy breakfast

If you skip breakfast on a regular basis, you should know that this is not a habit of a thin person. That’s because they know that breakfast is an important meal for regulating energy and hunger, which helps them make good food choices throughout the day. For these reasons, healthy and slim people always have a satisfying breakfast that includes fiber, protein and carbohydrates. Plus, thin people tend to eat a light dinner the night before, so they are usually hungry in the morning. If you never feel hungry in the morning that could be a sign that you are eating too much in the evening, which is definitely not a habit of thin people.

They lead active lifestyles

The final main difference between people that struggle with their weight and people that do not is that thin people tend to be more active. Even if they work at a desk all day, they find excuses to get up and move around several times throughout the day, or they may take a walk on their lunch break, or make a point of doing regular fitness (whether they go to the gym or have an active hobby), and they also don’t turn into couch potatoes when they get home. They probably cook, clean, garden, or do other activities in the home that also keep them relatively active.

Following the habits of thin people is a great way to lose weight and keep it off long term. Some of the specific habits you should follow include: eating slowly, never eating until you’re stuffed, being active, eating breakfast, having food rules, and practicing moderation. In general, with time, effort and patience it is possible to adopt these habits with a little dedication and self-discipline.



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