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Simple Way to Start Losing Weight – Walking


Everybody knows that they need to exercise more if they want to lose weight. Nevertheless, most people have a hard time getting themselves to actually do it. The problem is that to most people, exercise is a chore. Nobody likes to do chores!

As a result, they come up with a bunch of excuses for why they can’t. Two ones that I think would be the most common are “I don’t have enough time to go to the gym” and “I don’t like to exercise.”

At least those are the ones I use! If you’re in this boat, then you need to find an exercise that isn’t a chore and can easily be added to your lifestyle. Because they meet these two conditions, walking might be the exercise that you’ve been looking for.

Walking has an advantage over jogging – another popular type of cardio exercise: it’s easy on your knees. It’s almost impossible to hurt yourself from walking too much! You might read that and say “come on, there’s no way walking is as good of a workout as jogging.” While it’s true that you’ll burn more calories jogging, you WILL get a good workout if you walk.

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After all, walking works the same way that most cardio works. As you walk, you increase your heart rate, which means your body burns through calories faster. The faster you walk, the more calories you burn.

For example, if you weight 140 lbs, you will burn 80 calories per mile if you walk at 2.0 mph. If you walk at 5 mph, that goes up to 102 calories per mile.

As you start walking more, you might feel winded the first couple times you do it. However, the more frequently you walk, the longer and harder you can go at it, which means you can burn even more calories! Walking is something you can do outside of the gym. In fact, it is a lot more enjoyable outside of the gym.

Because you don’t have to go to the gym, you don’t have to set aside a bunch of time to get all your stuff together, drive to the gym, work out, and then pack everything up for the drive back home. That saves A LOT of time. Instead, when you need a break from work or just have a little bit of free time, you can go out for a walk.

As you know, just saying “I’m going to walk more” isn’t going to do much for you. You need to make it a part of your routine so that it happens AUTOMATICALLY, whether you want to do it or not.

That means making small changes to your everyday routine so that you walk more. For example, if you take the bus to work, you can get off a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the way. Making this shift just means leaving a little earlier for work than you otherwise would.

Instead of taking the elevator up to your office, take the stairs. Instead of driving on your lunch break, walk a couple blocks. Bring someone else along! Another option is to set some time aside every day specifically to walk for exercise.

All in all, walking more in your everyday life is an easy way to start burning more calories. It’s a simple lifestyle change to help you lose weight. There’s no reason why you can’t walk more.



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