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Simple Life Hacks to Lose Weight Quicker


All of us want to lose weight and yet do not exhaust ourselves with rigid diets. In addition, it is so difficult to stay in shape and not to eat harmful food.

However, there is a way out – you can use simple tricks which will help you to deceive the brain and not to overeat. So, we’ve found some secrets for you – remember and apply!

Life Hack #1 Use ‘Cunning’ Plates

Believe it or not, but we really “eat” with eyes and our plates can help us to deceive our brain and as a result we’ll eat less.

How does it work?

  • Buy small plates. The trick is that the plates of smaller diameter will help you to feel full earlier, so you’ll eat a smaller portion than you are used to. If you put some food on a huge dish, you will feel that you are not full. But if you put the same portion on a dessert plate, you will definitely get enough.
  • And let the plates be colored and bright. Food looks prettier on white plates. But the problem is that we unconsciously try to fill the white plate entirely, as if we paint the background of the picture on a white sheet. But the colored dishes no longer want to be “shaded”. Moreover, the best colors for dishes are blue, bright green, dark green and even black. This gamma does not excite the nervous system, which means it does not increase the feeling of hunger.

Life Hack #2: Encourage Yourself not with Something Tasty, but with Something ‘Fashionable’

When we feel great and when we feel very bad, we are used to pamper ourselves with food: cakes, nuts, ice cream, chocolate and other delicacies. If you don’t want this deserved encouragement to settle on your waist, put it on another form: instead of dessert, make, for example, a face mask or massage, take an aromatic bath, go shopping or have a spa treatment in the salon. Let the bonuses for yourself be bonuses for your figure and appearance!

Life Hack #3: Put Water Everywhere!

There is a very funny trick: take a few glasses, fill them with water and put it in the fridge. As soon as you want something delicious, you will open it, you will see these glasses and understand that you really wanted to drink. And you will have a drink, but you will not eat. The fact is that we often mix up thirst with hunger. In addition, we drink too much coffee and carbonated drinks that dehydrate the body. Therefore, let the clean water be not only in the refrigerator, but also on the desk in the office and at home. It should be at arm’s length. You will not notice how you stop drinking cola and get used to the taste of pure water.

Life Hack #4: Drink from Tall Glasses

The first rule of any diet is the refusal of alcohol. It’s horrible. The range of restrictions is huge, and there is no chance to have fun even at the parties. In fact, the use of alcohol can be limited and completely unnoticed. Scientists had an amusing experiment: they asked barmen to pour one standard portion of strong alcohol into low and wide glasses, and the second – into tall and narrow ones. So, in the second case, even professionals with large experience did not cover about 20%. The secret is simple: the vertical line seems to us longer than the horizontal line, even if they are the same. Therefore, a tall glass is “fuller” than a low one. So choose tall glasses, and if you like cocktails, then ask to add more ice. Portion will seem huge to you, although in fact you will not drink very much.

Life Hack #5: Do not Believe into Losing Weight only with Diet Pills and without Physical Activity

Remember once and for all: if you see a paid diet program, diet pills, special belts or other means, advertising instant losing weight, do not believe. The only sure and effective way to get rid of fat is to change your diet and exercise. Be skeptical of new trends and products. Most likely, they will turn into a waste of time and money for you. And don’t forget that diet pills are effective, but hand in hand with healthy eating and physical exercises.

Life Hack #6. Cook Breakfast in the Evening

Breakfast is the main problem of losing weight: breakfast must necessarily “start” the metabolism, and breakfast must be substantial, so you do not chew cookies before dinner. Though there is no time to cook or you do not want anything in the morning. Therefore, you have a sandwich breakfast and coffee, and two hours later you feel ready to eat an elephant. But in fact there are a lot of dishes that can be cooked the day before. In general, the idea is simple: you wake up and your ready food is already waiting for.



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