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Lose Weight with a Diet without Caving


Well, you’ve decided to lose a few extra pounds: you’ve chosen a diet, rejected invitations to meet friends and try a new menu in the restaurant, you do not even look towards the refrigerator after 18.00. But suddenly the will power weakens and the thought comes to the head: “Blast it all!” And the next moment you stand at the counter of the nearest confectioner, paying for a box of cakes. This is called “caving”. Is it possible to avoid it and what to do if it has already happened?

Why do such Breakdowns Happen?

The main reasons for these ‘failures’ are not numerous. Here they are:

  • Lack of motivation (you seem to want to lose weight, but not enough to change your way of life);
  • Too strict prohibitions (sharp and uncompromising refusal from so loved sweet, fat and flour products);
  • The strength of old habits (you have a lot of not very useful habits in the diet, and they are so rooted that they just do not let you move and finally get slender figure).

Let’s analyze each of these reasons and find ways to eliminate them.

Lack of Motivation

Motivation is the main component of effective weight loss. If there is no motivation – there is no result in losing weight. Before we go on a diet, we must clearly understand why we do this and why we want to lose weight. And if we consciously go to the goal, we know the answers to all the questions, then it will be much easier to achieve the result.

Say ‘No’ to Stiff Restrictions and Strict Diets

Weight reduction should be built on a system that can be followed throughout life. Provide yourself with a full 5-times food, use healthy products, look for the opportunity to combine “tasty” and useful, “enter” healthy food into your rhythm of life. Be sure to arrange every week a day off – let yourself relax a little in the gastronomic sense. To minimize the consequences of this day, eat your favorite dish in the morning, and spend the rest of the day on vegetables. Then the total number of calories will fully meet the daily rate. This approach will ensure weight loss without breakdowns, because you always know that soon you will get a delicious reward without harm to the waist.

Habits against Failures

The strength of our habits is often underestimated. It is difficult to overcome overnight the way of life that has been fixed in our lives for many years.
Imagine that you always get up at 8 in the morning. And suddenly the circumstances develop so that you have to get up at 5. First, your body will actively resist the new regime. It happens not because it does not have enough sleep, but because 8 a.m. is the usual and comfortable time for it to wake up.
The same happens with food. There are people who do not imagine a single meal without a fat piece of meat, bread, they always finish it with dessert, they practically do not eat vegetables, they always eat before going to bed, etc. And suddenly they switch to a healthy diet. And they seriously think that all these habits can be crossed out in one fell swoop. 
“It will not work!” – the body tells them in a variety of ways. All this ends with a completely predictable breakdown. Do not declare war on your own body – find reasonable compromises! For example, split your eating habits into parts and deal with them separately. Try to work with them gradually, eliminating or adding the habits you need one after another. Don’t forget that proper weight loss pills can be also very helpful.

What to Do if the Breakdown in Losing Weight has Happened after all?

If the breakdown has happened, self-blame will only upset you, which can lead to emotional overeating and worsening of the situation. We must accept the fact that the failure occurred and focus on how to change the situation. It is necessary to identify the causes that led to a breakdown and then work through those “weaknesses” that have failed in the system of weight loss. If emotional reasons led to the breakdown, think over alternative options that will help you to cope without it the next time.
As you can see, losing weight breakdown is not a verdict, it can be prevented. Note, please, that all the strategies listed above will allow you to make weight loss more mild and even comfortable. We need to focus not on losing weight as quickly as possible, but doing something small every day, moving towards our goal.



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