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Myth or Reality: is it Possible to Lose Weight with the Help of Massage


A good deal of time and effort is given to such problem areas as the inner side of the thighs, belly, hips, knees and hands. Not every sport training will help get rid of fat deposits in these places, but you should not be in despair – you can solve your problem with the help of massage.

The secret of massage for weight loss is the reduction of fat deposits in certain places and making figure more proportional. Massage therapy rises the subcutaneous fat temperature and accelerates metabolic processes. Moreover, due to this fat cells cleavage occurs faster and muscle tone rises.

Though people with excess weight, of course, will not be able to lose weight only with the help of massage. It is necessary to add training and diet. Besides, the weight loss complex can also be supplemented with diet pills, sauna, wraps with seaweed and other methods. The main task of all massage techniques is to relieve tension. Other functions are secondary, auxiliary.

The Most Popular Types of Massage for Slimming

Lymphatic massage helps to remove excess moisture and metabolic products from the fat cells of the “problem” zones (calves, hips, buttocks, stomach). For the course of lymphatic drainage massage it is quite possible to lose up to 5 cm in overall size. This kind of massage, as a rule, is used as a preparatory measure before starting a general program of losing weight.

Anti-cellulite massage helps to reduce the number of fat cells and activate metabolic processes. This type of massage also stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, as a result, cellulite starts to disappear. The number of sessions for this therapy depends on the degree of cellulite, as well as on the individual characteristics of the organism. For the first degree of cellulite, 3-4 sessions of 50 minutes are sufficient, at the 2nd degree, 4-6 sessions are required, and at the third degree the number of necessary massage sessions can reach 8-9. It is better to do the sessions in a day.

Sculpting massage increases microcirculation of blood and lymph in the body, it helps the skin to “breathe”. Soft and deep movements help to remove muscle blocks. Powerful and squeezing movements are designed to remove decay products from the tissues.

Honey massage combines the beneficial effects of honey and massage. It is usually used on the back, hips and buttocks. The technique of honey massage includes pressing and sharp pulling of palms with gradual strengthening movements. Thanks to this, skin elasticity becomes better. By the way, this massage can be self-made.

Trigger Point Massage involves influence on biologically active points. It’s technique is performed by pressing of the pads or joints of the half-bent fingers on certain points. The point that contributes to the regulation of appetite is located on the person’s ear.

Speaking about massage, we can’t but mention that there can be some contradictions to this method of weight loss. Among them there are:

– acute periods of infectious diseases;
– skin diseases;
– the first time after the operation;
– kidney pathology;
– pregnancy.

All in all, remember, that massage is not a magic remedy and not a panacea, but one of the additional measures in the battle for health and beauty. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to overcome obesity or to lose much just with the help of massage, as it can’t completely replace a diet or exercise. But in combination with these measures, massage enhances their effect and ensures great results.



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