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Lose Weight Wisely: don’t Forget about Your Skin


Modern society professes the cult of a slender figure, so most of the population tries to get the ideal parameters in all ways. In the pursuit of a beautiful body, some people ignore or forget the rules of the game, and as a result they have saggy skin after losing weight. The result of ignorant weight loss is flabby and saggy skin, which is often very noticeable on the abdomen, inside of the thighs and on the hands. Unfortunately, our skin is able to stretch very well, but it is not able to return to its original shape after a strong stretching itself.

Doctors like to say: “It is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it later”. And they are right: the skin after losing weight remains too stretched, so isn’t it easier initially not to allow this stretch, than later get upset because of its appearance? We will show you how to tighten your skin and make it more elastic while losing weight.

1. Do not lose weight too quickly

Too sharp weight loss will surely have a bad effect on your body. It will influence not only health, although this, of course, is the main danger. Quick weight loss is one of the reasons for the skin sagging. Accordingly, in order to avoid this, it is sufficient to start losing weight correctly – i.e. gradually. If you are trying to cope with this problem after the birth of a child, you should not immediately sit on a super-diet, according to which you are supposed to lose weight in a week. Remember: time is your friend, but not an enemy!

2. Give preference to strength trainings

This strategy is really worth mentioning. Skin tone can restore not only after numerous beauty salon procedures, but also with the help of usual strength training. The point is that under the load, the muscle is “pumped up” with blood, which means that useful substances and collagen get access to your skin. In addition, during the rest, blood “pours” out of the work area, and you get a natural micro-massage of the skin. Everyone knows that strength exercises accelerate the metabolism, and so a rapid metabolism can speed up the skin tightening.

3. Avoid taking hot shower

If you love hot water, you will have to give up your habits and try another temperature regime while losing weight. The fact is that steam and hot water deprive the skin of vital natural oils, they drain it. During weight loss the best choice is a contrast shower or a warm bath. And don’t forget to use moisturizing cream after shower.

4. Keep to the drinking regime

At least 8 glasses of water a day as an addition to your diet, trainings, diet pills or other helpers in weight loss – can change the world for the better! Thirst quenching after training will allow your body to remain hydrated. And when there is water in the body, it gets into the skin, which makes it look fresh and elastic!

5. No harmful food

Products with high fat content are the worst nightmares for any woman on a diet. First, they can completely destroy your entire diet. Secondly, your sagging skin does not benefit them either. If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight or pull up the body after losing it, avoid eating fat food. Even if it is very tasty. ESPECIALLY, if it’s very tasty! Such products can be addictive, so hands off!
As you may understand, it is much easier to prevent sagging of the skin, than to regain its tone and elasticity after losing weight. If you are on the way to your ideal body, use our tips and stay fit and healthy.



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