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How to Lose Weight Fast


Losing weight is something just about everyone wants to do at some point or another. Sadly enough, it’s something that almost no one is able to do as effectively as they want to, or as quickly as they need to. This is to be expected, given the fact that the human body is such a complicated machine – no quick fix will ever be relevant to the dieting world – but it doesn’t have to be the case. An intelligent approach to diet, exercise, and supplementation can turn a frustratingly slow rate of progress into a startlingly quick one. Here, we’ll talk about a few tricks in each of these categories users can implement to speed up weight loss to look and feel better in no time at all.

Dieting: Think Lifestyle, Not Sacrifice

The first thing we’ll talk about, diet, is easily the most important. Lots of exercise and loads of supplements can’t make up for daily McDonald’s or frequent splurging.

The most significant thing you can do for yourself in regard to diet is to get your mindset right.Dieting is not making a short-term set of sacrifices to reach a goal in the near future. That is not effective, and it shouldn’t be called dieting. It should be called stupid, because it simply doesn’t work. The right way to look at dieting is as a lifestyle shift. If you diet hard for a few weeks, you’ll be right back to where you were before if you don’t treat your habit changes as permanent.

More immediately, you won’t be anywhere near where you wanted to be to begin with – but assuming you got there, you can’t expect to stay unless your “dieting” habits are permanent. In other words, you can’t expect to reach and maintain your goal weight unless your habit changes are lifestyle changes.
To accomplish this, try to change one habit every two weeks. Drink eight glasses of water every day for two weeks. Then, in addition to drinking eight glasses of water every day, eat a cup of vegetables with every meal for two weeks. Then a cup of fruit, and a serving of protein. Then eliminate one serving of junk food a day, then two . . .

A gradual approach will be easier to follow, easier to stick to, and more effective than any other fad diet you’re likely to find, as you’ll lose fat, not weight in the form of water or muscle.

Exercise: Frequency is Key

Many people would have you believe that light exercise for 30 minutes three times a week is enough for weight loss and, according to some, even fitness.

Those people would be wrong.

Light exercise for 30 minutes a day is not exercise. It is movement for 30 minutes. Now, you should definitely move as much as you can – if it takes you half an hour to walk to work, do it – but don’t treat something you can do easily as exercise. It’s not.

Lifting heavy, pushing through plateaus that arise in hard rowing or running programs, dedicated MMA training – this is exercise, and it must be done five times weekly at a reasonable intensity to help you lose weight. Remember that your exercise doesn’t have to be objectively intense – it just has to be hard for you. If walking for half an hour actually is hard, then do it. Otherwise, look for something that’s actually challenging.


Supplements are the third leg of the weight loss triangle, and they can jump-start your overall program. The first thing to note about supplements is the fact that they work best for people with great diets and exercise schedules. No supplements are powerful enough to override poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle. Since most people eat a pretty dismal diet or sit around more than they move, supplements are really a necessity for most people. In fact, they can be harmful. Some people use the fact that they’re taking a weight loss supplement as an excuse to eat poorly or sit still all day. This doesn’t work, so beware the psychological “trick” these things can play.

If you do have your diet and exercise regimen on lock, however, consider PhenQ. It’s been shown to increase metabolism, help suppress hunger, and act as a powerful weight loss aid in general for those who are already on their way to good health and a lower body fat percentage.

It doesn’t produce the intense and unpleasant rush that comes with many weight-loss supplements loaded with caffeine and other stimulants, but it is highly effective for most people with average Body Mass Indices planning to lose reasonable amounts of weight. On top of that, it helps balance blood profiles, contributing to overall health. All in all, it’s a diet pill that can help, and can’t hurt, so give it a try.



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