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10 Secrets Of The Correct Muscular Physique Building


Every sportsman would love to know all the secrets of the correct muscular physique building. Secret workout techniques, magic proteins and other means that allow to «pump» muscles as if using a wheel pump are just unproved myths.

In reality, all you should know is 10 simple rules that will help you reach maximum result in the shortest amount of time!

1. New exercise is the best exercise

With time your body starts getting used to any exercise. The more intensely you do it, the faster your body gets used to it. That’s why your training routine for building particular muscle groups should be as diverse as possible. You should change not only exercises, but also the number of repetitions and techniques. That way your body won’t get used to the trainings, and the result won’t be long in coming!

2. Brevity is bodybuilder’s best friend

Some athletes spend hours in the gym trying to get maximum result by exhausting their bodies to a complete knockout. The secret is that bodybuilding workouts should be as short as possible: just 45 minutes a day is enough to keep the amount of testosterone and cortisol produced by the body at a desired level that promotes muscle growth. The thing is that the decrease of testosterone level, which promotes muscle mass growth, makes cortisol level, which destroys muscles and promotes fat deposition, increase exponentially. That’s why long-lasting workouts, contrary to the popular belief, have a negative effect and pull away the athlete from the desired result.

3. Proper distribution of trainings with weights

Modern sportsmen and fitness instructors are still trying to figure out which style of working out is the most effective for building muscular physique. Exercising slowly with more weights or working faster with less weights? Anyway, sticking to the «happy medium» is the best decision. The secret is in the correct alternation of loads: first load the muscles with heavy loads, then gradually reduce the weight of loads.

4. Making pauses is the vital part of workouts

The first secret made it clear that making pauses can help the sportsman’s body to not get used to any particular exercise. Even the smallest pause between repetitions can give its results: the muscles will start growing quicker than ever!

5. Make basic exercises with barbell and dumbbells

In many cases, athletes work with gym machines during power workouts. On one hand, it is correct, as machines help to work out several muscle groups at once. On the other hand, complex workouts can lead to a halt in muscle mass building, as the main purpose of such equipment is to work out muscle definition. Basic exercises that include training with barbell, dumbbells and other gear allow to work out every muscle in the body, as in addition to working with weight, body has to maintain and control balance. Deadlifts, squats and other basic exercises are much harder to do than working on a gym machine, but they help to reach the goal much faster!

6. Don’t focus on cardiovascular exercises

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should throw away a treadmill and exercise bike. The secret is that you should do minimum exercises on them – 1-2 sets a week, as intense cardiovascular exercises make hormones, responsible for muscle growth, get wasted on cardiovascular system support.

7. Master your techniques to a perfection

The majority of athletes will read this secret and laugh: «Thank you, Cap!». But in reality, even the most professional sportsmen can sometimes neglect their exercise technique, which affects the result. It’s important to remember that during exercise muscles should contract to the very end. It should also be noted that the maximum working weight can be sacrificed for the sake of the correct technique!

8. Pay attention to your body constitution

The effectiveness of trainings depends on the person’s body type. For example, endomorphs (people with very slow metabolism) should exercise 5-7 days a week for maximum results, while slim ectomorphs (people with the fastest possible metabolism) will get the same results 2-3 times faster, going to the gym 3-4 days a week.

9. Correct schedule is the key of successful workouts

This secret makes it clear that the majority of tips for effective muscle building are pretty obvious. But they are often ignored due to their simplicity. Modern person’s life is a constant cycle of events, and we often don’t have even a single minute of free time. That’s why training schedule should be made with a full responsibility. Skipping workouts is highly undesirable, as even the slightest deviation from the routine can have a negative effect on the body. Even if you are a very busy person, try to make a schedule in a way that won’t allow daily activities to distract you from workouts.

10. Make a workout diary

Writing down results will help you track effectiveness of the chosen workout plan. Diary is a great mean that allows to make a schedule, record results and track progress. As a bonus, such a document is the best motivation, as without being able to compare “before” and “after”, you might not be as impressed with the obtained physical form and gained muscle mass.



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