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Where to Buywww.phenq.com – $69.95

It’s claimed that the efficacy of PhenQ is equal to the efficacy of several dietary supplements taken together.

It’s also believed these diet pills substantially accelerate and facilitate the weight loss process in a natural way.

We analyzed the active substances available in this product, got acquainted with the results of clinical trials, and looked through the customers’ feedback.


PhenQ is a natural dietary supplement of the highest quality which is intended for weight loss purposes. The manufacturer of this product is Wolfson Berg Limited.

As it is stated on the official website, these pills are effective for destroying fat storages, reducing hunger feeling, preventing fat accumulation, stimulating energy release, and coping with mood swings.

It’s necessary to take 2 pills on a daily basis. Each pill should be taken with food. That is, the first pill should be taken with the first meal of day, while the other one during lunch.

The supplement is recommended for use before 3 p.m. Otherwise, you will have trouble falling asleep.


PhenQ is a well-working proprietary blend of the natural active substances which make people with excessive weight successfully lose unwanted pound much faster than when taking the other similar products.

The supplement is comprised of the following ingredients:

* Capsimax Powder
* Caffeine
* Chromium Picolinate
* Calcium Carbonate
* L-carnitine fumarate
* Nopal

These non-synthetic ingredients work by killing stubborn fat and stimulating weight loss in a safe way.

What Is the Price for PhenQ?

The price for PhenQ may change. Thus, it decreases when the manufacturer offers special deals.

When there is no discount for this supplement, one bottle which contains 60 pills costs $79.95.

The discounted price for the supplement bottle is $69.95.

The manufacturer also has some very profitable multi-purchase offers. Thus, when purchasing 2 bottles for $139.90, you will receive the third bottle free of charge.

In addition, when purchasing 3 bottles for $189.95, you will receive the fourth and fifth supplement bottles, as well as a bottle of Advana Cleanse free of charge.

The manufacturer delivers all the orders for free.

It’s possible to buy these diet pills only on the Official Website. The retailers don’t sell the supplement.

User Guidelines

There are 60 pills in each PhenQ bottle. You have to take 2 pills every day, drinking one glass of water with each pill.

So, if you don’t miss doses, one bottle is enough for approximately one-month supplementation.

According to the manufacturer’s directions, the first pill has to be taken in the morning, when eating breakfast. The second pill has to be taken no later than during lunch.
Avoid taking the dietary supplement in the evening or when going to bed since caffeine available in the pill can make you sleepless.

Though the manufacturer recommends taking 2 pills on a daily basis, it’s possible to reduce the dosage and still shed undesired pounds.

You must not amend your daily nutrition or workout plan during PhenQ supplementation. But nevertheless, positive lifestyle changes have a beneficial influence on the weight-loss process.

Thus, doing exercises and adhering to a well-balanced diet, you will not only simplify this process, but also restore your self-esteem and overall wellness.