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Which Side Effects to Expect from the Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

Though the prescription medications which contribute to the weight loss are considered extremely effective, they also cause a variety of side effects. And severity of these adverse reactions depends on the type of medication you are going to take.

Let’s look through the possible side effects which may be a result of taking the prescription dietary remedies based on their type.

Suppressants of Hunger Feeling

The medications which suppress appetite have a strong influence on the brain areas responsible for the feeling of hunger.

These pills mainly act similarly to amphetamine. The most famous representatives of such suppressants are Phentermine and Adipex.

The most common adverse reactions which they provoke include anxiety, palpitation, headache, hypertension, chest pain, sleep disruption, state of excitement, foggy vision, and troubled urination.

The suppressants also negatively affect the gastrointestinal tract, hence causing nausea, vomiting, xerostomia, and uncleared bowels.

The amphetamine-resembling drugs are the habit-forming ones.

Lipase Inhibitors

Lipase inhibitors have no impact on the central nervous system. On the contrary, they don’t allow fat to be absorbed. As a result, the users of such medications get an opportunity to prevent the weight gain and formation of fat deposits.

Xenical is the most widespread medication belonging to this type of weight loss remedies.

When taking lipase inhibitors, you are very likely to face the following problems: bowel incontinence, windiness, oily spotting, and loose stools. These side effects are the frequent reason for which people refuse from using such drugs.

The Most Dangerous Side Effects

Asphyxia and negative cardiovascular effects belong to the worst side effects which obese people may experience when using the prescription anti-obesity remedies intended for appetite suppression.

The cardiovascular effects include hypotension, tachycardia, heart attack, and even stroke.

Severe liver injury may happen in people who take lipase inhibitors.

In addition, psychiatric disorders are possible.

Addiction is one more frightening habit that may develop in people who undergo pharmaceutical prescription obesity treatment.

The Bottom Line

Anti-obesity medications which are available on prescription comply with the requirements of a huge number of obese people who aspire to get prompt and certain weight-loss results without additional efforts.

However, these drugs’ downsides such as numerous side effects often overweigh their upsides. This makes overweight people search for the natural alternatives to harmful synthetic medications.

The diet pills of natural origin are undoubtedly a much better option comparing to the artificial prescription pills if your target is not only to promote the weight loss, but also to maintain good health, ensure positive mood, and preserve normal hormonal balance.